Abdullah take Ruler advise on Terengganu MB candidate

Terengganu MB crisis case is finally “settled” after our PM agreed with our Ruler choosen MB candidate. All 22 BN representative that disagreed and boycotted the MB swear-in ceremony has suddenly change their mind and support Terengganu new MB- Ahmad Said.
However, I still have many questions in mind.
I am a bit puzzled as I did not see any formal apologize from all 22 BN representative, ex-MB and our PM to Yang Dipertuan Agong? 
Shouldn`t they apologize as disrespect to the King?
What happen to the insulting banner with the word “animal” case? I thought this is a very serious case and 2 police reports were lodged?
Why our PM gives in? Why our King insists on Ahmad Said as new Terengganu MB? What did the ex-MB did wrong?
As some blog sites ask readers to follow the money and stated that the reason has something to do with not proper handling the several billions ringgit worth of “wang ehsan” comes from petronas tax income. Where does all the money goes? Why our oil export state- Terengganu became the second poorest state in Malaysia? 
Ok. This is another case gone silent because many more interesting news are popping up.

Abdullah refused to use petronas oil tax income, a total of 300 billion for 2nd Penang bridge development work or subsidy any part of the cost after meeting up with Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng. According to our PM, the money will be use by state government to subsidizing oil price and other development project. Where will this 300 billion ringgit really goes?

Abdullah blames saboteurs for BN setback, why BN own people rejecting Abdullah?
Why our PM still don`t want to “lari” or run away and still holding Finance Minister post?
Is our PM responsibility so strong until he cann`t lari away? I
s our PM is willing to make good changes and annouce good news to let people “feel” it? So far I haven`t really heard any good news annouce by our PM that have a touch on me. Why not start with releasing those 5 hindraf leaders held under ISA?


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