I am one of Teresa Kok friends in Facebook now!

Seputeh and Kinrara DAP MP -Teresa Kok just added me as friend in her Facebook account two days ago! I am happy that I`m now one of her new friends in Facebook.

Teresa Kok added me as Facebook’s Friend.
Teresa Kok added Winter Wong in FaceBook as friend

Even though I am not a resident in Seputeh or Kinrara but I am proud of her as one of the caring, intelligent, brave and people-minded state assembly woman in Malaysia.
She hold the highest majority votes (36,492) record when declaring a win in Seputeh parliamentary seat during recently held General Election.  I want to congratualate our honourable MP Teres Kok for winning people trust and also appointed as Selangor senior exco member.

So join me and our MP Teresa Kok in Facebook as friend now.
Visit Teresa Kok website at http://teresakok.com and click on her facebook photo badge.

p/s: However, do be careful when joining as there is already a case where someone created a fake “Teresa Kok” profile, you can read more about this interesting story here:  
Make sure you add the real Teresa Kok yeah. 🙂


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