Pak Lah said his “biggest mistake” was to ignore cyber-campaigning

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today (25-March-2008) said his “biggest mistake” in disastrous elections was to ignore cyber-campaigning on the Internet which was seized by the opposition. (source:

I belive Cyber campaign is the latest trend and the most “econ-safe” and cost-effective campaign. I get to watch Obama and Hillary videos in youtube but I can only find opposition videos in youtube. Look at all the blogs, recorded videos owned by opposition parties, even Anwar has facebook, friendster and Myspace! Visit AnwarIbrahim’s blog to see it yourself.

Is our BN left behind in internet technologies or ketinggalan zaman?
You can try google about “BN ketinggalan zaman“, “Umno ketinggalan zaman“, “pas ketinggalan zaman” , “gerakan ketinggalan zaman” , “DAP ketinggalan zaman” and find out by yourself. Some bloggers commented BN and Umno still live in zaman before empayar Melaka with their Keris. Former Penang chief minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon once commented opposition party blogger Jeff Ooi , is someone live in “virtual” world and will not know the “real” world, I believe he got his “real” lesson on the big loss of penang until it fall into opposition hand.

In fact, i think internet is a fair areana for political parties to let people know why should we choose you to govern our beloved country. It is not about the money, you can setup google blog within minutes and it is free. Online news are more transparent, you cann`t hide, Malaysians are not stupid. Government can try to control news but people will find the way to know the truth.

I`m looking forward to visit our PM blog or adding him as one of my facebook, friendster friends. That will be cool. 🙂


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