BN has lost 2/3 majority!

It marked an important day today as Barisan National has encounter the greatest loss for the entire history of Malaysia!

Not only BN losses 4 states, Kedah, Selangor, Kelantan and Pulau Pinang to Opposition parties but also the 2/3 majority power to approve major project and make major changes!
This is a wake up call for Pak Lah who is the prime minister of Malaysia to really listen and understand what its people wants.
The great loss of BN showed that people are not only losing confident to current government but also deeply dissapointed.
The poll result shocked all parties including opposition because there is no sign of such a big swing.

As Malaysia formal prime minister Dr Mahatir mentioned, many Malaysians are not happy despite government reported Malaysia is doing well in economics simply because they are not stupid.

Statistic can be skew and twist to look good but what people are really experienced and seeing such as high oil price, toll increases, poor security, corruptions is enough for them to make a wise chooice.

Dr. Mahatir also preticted BN will be punished by angry voters and it is true enought when the results came out.

I believe we as Malaysians should understand it is time to really work together to aim for a better future.


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