Damansara Utara – Yuk Chai School Polling Center

Winter Wong at 12th General Election Day (Yuk Chai School)

Finally come the day of Malaysia 12th General Election.
I went to cast my vote at Yuk Chai (c) primary school
this morning around 8am. The poll started from8:00am
till 5:00pm evening.

Transparent Voting Box
This round I see transparent poll box as oppose to
black metal poll box last year. This is definate welcome
as the indelieable ink policy has been cancelled due to
“national security” reason, I don`t want to see another
good measurement against cheating being taken out last
minute. But can someone still cheat even it is transparent?

Voting Crowd

It is 8:10am now. Many people already queuing up at the
polling center to cast their vote. The whole process took
about 5-10 minutes and went smoothly without much hassle.


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